Who we are

Laboratorio graziosi: passion between science and cusine


The laboratory was born in 2014 from an idea of Cecilia Fiandri and Roberto Graziosi.
A familiar direction and a clear and ambitious idea: to create the gluten free  that was not present before. Tasty, natural, without sacrifices.

The first year of the company was completely dedicated to research.
The commitment: not to use premixes, always starting with directly selected raw materials, pursuing naturalness without compromise. Thus was born the shortcrust pastry without preservatives of the gold line and the production of the laboratory began.

Customers immediately rewards this new approach to gluten-free, responds with enthusiasm and decrees the success of Graziosi, which expands its product range, begins to collaborate with universities, public and private research centers and nutritionists and also to produce for private labels and lines. gluten free from established brands.

The specialization in “gluten-free” is accompanied by research towards a diet for all oriented towards well-being, capable of treasuring the most precious and healthy nutritional characteristics of the ingredients.

In 2019, the laboratory moved to the new, more spacious headquarters in Magreta, in the province of Modena, to optimize warehouses, lines and to develop other projects.

At the same time, on a commercial level, new distribution channels are being created: in addition to pharmacies, parapharmacies and specialized shops throughout the country, Graziosi products are now also aimed at the horeca and large-scale retail trade with dedicated lines.

The next future: special flours and fresh pasta “good for the table, good for health”.

The Graziosi laboratory’s vocation for research and product innovation continues and prepares for the launch of new special flours and for the development of the entire colorful line of related gastronomic products, precious for well-being: high-protein flours enriched with mung bean, pasta fresh yellow which, although vegan, offers a higher protein index than eggs, fresh pasta, with oats to prevent the increase in cholesterol, or purple, with a floral scent, rich in anthocyanins of vegetable origin to neutralize free radicals and ensure a antioxidant power.
Health and well-being have never tasted so good.


Laboratorio Graziosi is established


expansion of the production area and logistics area


Market launch of the Frozen line


We moved to Magreta in the new 2000 square meter headquarters